Paeds: Neuro Neonates

Playlist contributed by Annabelle Skelley


  1. Alobar: fused thalami, single large ventricle
  2. Semilobar: basic cerebral hemispheres but fused anterior thalami, absent olfactory tracts and agenesis/hypoplastic corpus callosum
  3. Lobar: subtle midline abnormality with fusion of cingulate gyrus, thalamus and hypoplastic corpus callosum
  4. Septo-optic dysplasia: sort of on the spectrume of holoprosencephaly; 50% associated with schizencephaly; absent septum pellucidum and optic nerve hypolasia

Neuronal Migration Abnormalities

  1. Lissencephaly 
  2. Polymicrogyria 
  3. Schizencephaly 
  4. Porencephaly 
  5. Focal cortical dsyplasia 
  6. Grey matter heterotopia