August 2013

Playlist contributed by Dhruv Patel

Use the following history (from recalls on RANZCR website). P.S. cases 2 and 3 are part of one case. 

Question 1 73F, long hx of COPD. P/W 2 days hx of haemoptysis. (CT Chest)

Question 2 (case 3 is part of question 2): 28/40 premature infant. CXE on day 0 and US head on day 3.

Question 3: haematemesis (CT Abdo/Pelvis)

Question 4: 14F, pelvic pain and irregular menses for investigation (MRI Pelvis)

Question 5: 44F, long hx of motor impairment and abdo pain (MRI spine, US abd, MRI brain)

Question 6: Young female with HTN 

Question 7: Male tender mass in the leg (MRI lower leg)

Question 8: Old-ish patient with back pain (MRI upper abdo)

Compare your answers with model answers available on RANZCR website.