Abdomen. Biliary

Playlist contributed by Mohamed Saber

-Hemorrhagic cholecystitis: occasionally active hemorrhage is accompanying severe /gangrenous cholecystitis. Check for dense blood on non-enhanced CT and active bleeding in the multiphasic enhanced study, also cystic artery pseudoaneurysm may be detected

-Necrotic pancreatitis Case is associated with perforated cholecystitis

-IgG4 related disease results in sclerosing cholangitis

-Lemmel syndrome: diverticulum of the second part of the duodenum causing obstructive jaundice 

-Cystic artery:  the main artery supplying the gallbladder. It most commonly arises from the right hepatic artery within the Calot triangle and courses posterior to the hepatic/cystic duct. Many variations in the origin (celiac trunk or SMA or any of their branches), course (within or outside the Calot triangle), or relation to the bile ducts ( may course anterior)