Reproduction Requests

With your help, we have created an amazing teaching case library, one which is growing and which we are maintaining and improving every day. We are trying to make it easy for as many people as possible to access quality teaching examples around the world. 

Types of request

Due to both the quality and extensive range of our collection, we often receive inquiries from authors and organizations wishing to use images uploaded on for their publications. The vast majority of these are reasonable requests which, however, fall outside of the creative commons licence under which contributions to the site are automatically licensed for use. Examples include:

  • textbooks
  • journal articles
  • seminar presentations
  • educational or continuing medical education (CME) websites
  • (rarely) news story / TV show / advertising
What we do

When possible (which is most of the time) we insist that the images be attributed to you and to (e.g. Image courtesy of Dr P. Smith, In any case, we always try to ensure that the images are being used for good instead of evil and that they reflect well on both you the contributor and 

Occasionally we are asked for permission to use a large number of images. On such occasions, we may need to actually provide the images in a different format, rather than allowing them merely to be downloaded from the site, and have needed to write special code to allow this to occur. 

In any case, when we receive these requests we (well it's me, Juliette) check your profile page to see if you have delegated such a decision to us, or if you want to be asked. If you want to be asked then I will write to you and wait for a response. If, on the other hand, you have trusted us with this decision, then I can sort it out quickly, without bothering you. Any case where the requested use is unusual is referred to our Editor in Chief (Frank Gaillard) for a decision. 

What you can do

As you can imagine all this take time and resources, and we take the opportunity to charge a fee which goes towards paying for the upkeep of the site and further developing, making it even better than it is today. 

You can elect for us to administer these requests on your behalf, both eliminating the hassle and increasing the speed of being able to give a response.

There are three options: 

  • Allow to manage these requests (the most helpful option for us)
  • Allow to manage these requests, but let me know how  the content is being used
  • Always ask me first

You can do this through your account settings page. You can, of course, change this setting back to 'ask me' whenever you want, should you change your mind. 

Excluding specific cases

Whichever option you chose will be the default for your cases, however, if there are specific cases that you do not want to be licensed, you can exclude them by ticking the "exclude from licensing" checkbox in the "case info" sidebar when editing a case. 


Thanks again for your support. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact me.  


Juliette Hancox

Image Licensing & User Support Manager


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