Every year in December, we ask those of you who use and love Radiopaedia.org to consider becoming financial supporters. We do this because we want to continue to grow and improve what is already the best open access radiology resource available.

If you already know that becoming a supporter is the right thing for you, then let's just jump straight to it; annual billing is now available! Otherwise, please take a few minutes to continue reading and find out what your support will mean to you and others. 


Over the years, Radiopaedia has become an amazing resource as a direct result of hundreds of people just like you who are willing to donate time, expertise and a few coins. Together we are proving that creating a comprehensive and reliable resource for all health professionals does not require expensive subscriptions and does not need to be locked away behind a paywall, inaccessible to those who need it most.  

Win an All-Access-Pass

As part of our December Supporter Drive, we will be giving away four 12-month Radiopaedia All-Access Passes each valued at USD$480.

All you need to do to enter is

  • A) subscribe as a Curie (Radium) or Roentgen (Gold) supporter, and
  • B) elect to be billed yearly

After each week, we will pick one new supporter at random to enjoy 12-months access to our ever-growing collection of educational courses, lectures and learning pathways.

And remember, even if you don't win, as a Gold or Radium supporter you are eligible for concession pricing on All-Access Passes. Just one of the many perks that come with being a supporter. 


What supporters fund

Each month we are visited by over 4.5 million individuals, who visit over 22.5 million pages. That's over 30 terabytes of data each month at that sort of scale just hosting is not an insignificant expense. We have developers who maintain the site and implement improvements to existing features and create new features. We also need to also pay for accounting and legal and administrative assistance during the year. All told we have monthly bills well in excess of US$35,000. 

We continue to support this mostly by showing ads. We don't like ads any more than you do; not only because they are distracting and make the site load slower, but also because revenue from them is extremely fickle. This makes planning ahead difficult. 

Supporters, on the other hand, are a predictable source of funds and this, in turn, allows us to invest time and effort and funds into improving the site further. 


The impact you are having

We receive letters every week from all around the world telling us how Radiopaedia has helped. I wanted to share with you one such letter. 

We also published a collection of such letters last year. If you missed them, you can read them here


Supporter perks

Go Ad-Free

We don’t like ads and we don't expect you to like them either. That's why not only does becoming a supporter mean that you are undeniably awesome but it also means that for you, ads will no longer be as visible; in fact, as a Curie (radium) or Roentgen (gold) level supporter, you will have a completely ad-free experience

CME time tracking

Many of you spend considerable time on Radiopaedia over the course of a year. If you are logged in we keep a tally of the articles and cases you visit and the time spent on them. 

All users can access the past month and the previous month's tally from their profile page, but Supporters also have the ability to download a summary certificate for any desired date range. This is ideal for claiming self-declared CME activities (e.g. Category 2 CME points) that are recognized by many organizations. You can find out more about CME certificate here

Case and playlist quotas

If you are uploading many cases or creating lots of playlists, then Supporters also get increased quotas of draft and unlisted cases and playlists. 

Offline playlists

As a new perk, Marie Curie supporters also get the ability to duplicate and download playlists for offline use. 

OK, I'm ready to support Radiopaedia

That is FANTASTIC. Thank you. There are three ways you can help support Radiopaedia financially:

  1. Become an individual supporter — it only takes a few seconds and is what helps us the most.
  2. Make a one-off donation — great too, but no Supporter perks. Sorry :( 
  3. Lobby your institution to become an institutional supporter; find out more


I'd love to help but can't afford to

If you are not in a position to contribute financially, then please don't feel bad. The site is for everyone and absolutely everyone is welcome regardless of your personal wealth or that of your country.

We'll gladly, however, accept your well-wishes — tweet a message @Radiopaedia telling us how the site has helped you (include #SupportRadiopaedia in your message). Or you can follow us on Facebook if you don't do so already.  

With your financial support if you can afford it, or with your well-wishes if you can't, we will be able to continue to improve the site and achieve our mission to create the best radiology reference the world has ever seen and to make it available for free, for ever, for all.

Thank you so much,



Associate Professor Frank Gaillard is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Radiopaedia.org. He is also an academic neuroradiologist and Director of Research in the Radiology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital/University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia.

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