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An appendicolith is a calcified deposit within the appendix. They are present in a large number of children with acute appendicitis and may be an incidental finding on an abdominal radiograph or CT. Incidence may be increased among patients with a retrocecal appendix. Overall they are seen in 10...

Perforated appendix

A perforated appendix is one of the complications of acute appendicitis. If appendicitis is left untreated, ischemic necrosis of a portion of appendiceal wall may occur, leading to perforation. An appendicolith is thought to be associated with a higher probability of perforation 1. Epidemiology...

Neonatal appendicitis

Neonatal appendicitis is rare, presumably in part due to the short funnel shape to the appendix at that age. Symptoms are non-specific and may mimic necrotizing enterocolitis. 

Arrowhead sign (cecum)

The arrowhead sign refers to the focal cecal thickening centered on the appendiceal orifice, seen as a secondary sign in acute appendicitis. The contrast material in the cecal lumen assumes an arrowhead configuration, pointing at the appendix.   The arrowhead sign is applicable only when enteri...

Cecal bar sign

The cecal bar sign is a secondary sign in acute appendicitis. It refers to the appearance of inflammatory soft tissue at the base of the appendix, separating the appendix from the contrast-filled cecum. See also arrowhead sign

Appendiceal mucocele

Appendiceal mucoceles occur when there is an abnormal accumulation of mucin causing abnormal distention of the vermiform appendix due to various neoplastic or non-neoplastic causes. Epidemiology The reported prevalence at appendectomy is 0.2-0.3%. They are thought to typically present in middl...

Testicular appendix

A testicular appendix (alternatively called appendix of testis or appendix testis) represents a developmental remnant of the paramesonephric duct (Müllerian duct) which is situated in the upper pole of the testis inside a groove between the testicle and the head of epididymis 1. Epidemiology T...

Appendiceal intussusception

Appendiceal intussusception happens when appendix segment is pulled into itself or into the cecum. This condition can mimic various chronic and acute abdominal conditions. It is an important entity to recognize since it could be mistaken for a cecal mass. Epidemiology Appendiceal intussuscepti...

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