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Achondroplastic base of skull abnormalities

Achondroplasia is the most common cause of short-limb dwarfism. For a general discussion, see the generic article on achondroplasia. As the skull base forms by endochondral ossification whereas the skull vault by membranous ossification, there is a marked discrepancy in relative size as the sku...

Chondrosarcoma - occipital condyle

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Frank Gaillard
Published 12 Mar 2010
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Pterygoid canal

The pterygoid canal, also known as the Vidian canal, is a foramen in the base of skull, located in the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone, superior to the pterygoid plates, and inferomedial to the foramen rotundum. It transmits the Vidian artery and Vidian nerve from the middle cranial fossa...

Sphenoethmoidal suture

The sphenoethmoidal suture marks the osseous union between the crest of sphenoid bone and the perpendicular and cribiform plates of ethmoid bone.

Parietotemporal suture

The parietotemporal or parietomastoid suture represents the articulation between the parietal and temporal bones posteriorly. Anteriorly, they articulate at the squamosal suture. The parietotemporal suture is considered the most posterior continuation of squamosal suture and is at times interrup...

Sphenopetrosal suture

The sphenopetrosal (or petrosphenoidal) suture, also known as a synchondrosis or fissure, is the cranial suture connecting the greater wing of sphenoid with the petrous part of the temporal bone in the middle cranial fossa. This fissure is located immediately posterior to the foramen ovale and f...

Occipitotemporal suture

The occipitotemporal or occipitomastoid suture is the obliquely oriented articulation of the anterior border of the squamous occipital bone and the mastoid portion of the temporal bone. A mastoid foramen is occasionally located near or in it. The occipitotemporal suture and the parietotemporal ...