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Hypertension refers to an increase in blood pressure above the 'normal' for the age, sex, and ethnicity of the patient. This can be specified according to the vascular system involved. Although generally when it is not specified it is assumed to refer to the systemic type. systemic hypertension...


The meninges (singular: meninx) is a collective term for the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord and are covered in separate articles: cranial meninges spinal meninges History and etymology The word meninges arises from the Ancient Greek meninx meaning "membrane" 1.

Lingula (disambiguation)

Lingula (plural: lingulae) can refer to a number of different anatomical structures: lingula (mandible) lingula (lung) lingula (cerebellum) lingula (sphenoid bone) History and etymology Lingula is the diminutive form of lingua, Latin for the tongue. Thus lingula is used for a small tongue-...

Epidermoid cyst

Epidermoid cysts are nonneoplastic inclusion cysts derived from ectoderm that are lined solely by squamous epithelium. These are discussed separately by anatomic location: epidermal inclusion cyst intracranial epidermoid cyst splenic epidermoid cyst spinal epidermoid cyst testicular epiderm...

Lambda sign (disambiguation)

There are two described lambda signs: lambda sign (twin pregnancy) lambda sign (sarcoidosis)

Bucket handle fracture (disambiguation)

Bucket handle fracture may refer to: bucket handle fracture - non-accidental injury bucket handle fracture of the pelvis

Optic neuropathy

Optic neuropathy is a broad term and can result from a variety of causes including: genetic Leber hereditary optic neuropathy compression / trauma optic nerve sheath meningioma progressive diaphyseal dysplasia shear injury infiltration / neoplasm lymphoma paraneoplastic collapsin respo...

Alpha angle (disambiguation)

Alpha angle can refer to two different musculoskeletal measurements: alpha angle (in developmental dysplasia of the hip) in children alpha angle (in femoroacetabular impingement)

Tram-track sign (disambiguation)

Tram-track sign may refer to a variety of appearances characterized by near-parallel lines in a number of contexts and regions including: tram-track sign (brain): cortical calcification in Sturge-Weber syndrome tram-track sign (orbit): e.g. optic nerve meningioma tram-track sign (chest): thic...

Adnexa (disambiguation)

Adnexa is a general term that refers to the accessory structures of an organ. Adnexa have been described in relation to: cutaneous/skin adnexa hair follicles, sweat glands, nails adnexa mastoidea structures in the mastoid (posterior) wall of the middle ear, e.g. mastoid antrum, aditus ad an...

Trochlea (disambiguation)

Trochlea (sing., pl. trochleae) is a general term that refers to an anatomic structure that resembles the grooved part of a pulley system: Trochlea have been described in: orbit: trochlea of the superior oblique muscle trochlear nerve (CN IV) humeral trochlea femoral trochlea trochlea of ...

Cloaca (disambiguation)

Cloaca can refer to two different structures: cloaca (a component of osteomyelitis) cloaca (a developmental structure in the urogenital system)

FCD (disambiguation)

FCD may refer to: focal cortical dysplasia (of the brain) fibrous cortical defect (of the bone)

Atoll sign (disambiguation)

The atoll sign in radiology can refer to: reverse halo sign: atoll sign in thoracic CT atoll sign in liver MRI: suggestive of an inflammatory hepatic adenoma

Ring shadow (disambiguation)

Ring shadows are radiographic signs seen on either chest x-rays or on upper gastrointestinal fluoroscopy: ring shadow (chest) ring shadow (abdomen)

Lumbricals (disambiguation)

The lumbrical muscles refer to a group of small muscles in the hand and feet: lumbrical muscles of the hand lumbrical muscles of the foot

Degloving injury

Degloving injuries can refer to a number of conditions: degloving soft tissue injury Morel-Lavallée lesion (closed degloving soft tissue injury) intramuscular degloving injury degloving bowel injury

Thumb sign (disambiguation)

The term thumb sign is used to refer to a number of separate radiological appearances, including:  thumb sign (Marfan disease) - a clinical sign thumb sign (epiglottitis) thumb sign (chordoma)

Fundus (disambiguation)

Fundus (plural: fundi) is used as an anatomical term for many organs and is generally used in the sense of a part that is the lower part or is distant from the main aperture: fundus (stomach) fundus (gallbladder) fundus (uterus) fundus (eye) fundus (urinary bladder) fundus (internal acoust...

Shoulder injection (disambiguation)

Shoulder injection is a general term, especially for the patient, for a variety of procedures including: acromioclavicular joint injection glenohumeral joint injection glenohumeral (shoulder) arthrography glenohumeral (shoulder) hydrodilatation long head of biceps tendon sheath injection r...

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