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Deep sulcus sign (disambiguation)

The deep sulcus sign can refer to two different radiographic signs but is best known in the chest: deep sulcus sign (chest): of pneumothorax on supine CXR: deep sulcus sign (knee): better known as the lateral femoral notch sign of ACL injury

Starry sky appearance (disambiguation)

Starry sky appearance is a radiological sign used to describe the appearance of the liver on two different imaging modalities: starry sky appearance (ultrasound) starry sky appearance (MRI) starry sky artifact (MRI)

Bare area (disambiguation)

Bare area is a term that may apply to: bare area of the liver bare area of the spleen glenoid bare area bare area of a joint where synovium is in direct contact with bone, the site of marginal joint erosion in some inflammatory arthritides

Venous lake (disambiguation)

The term venous lakes may refer to: cutaneous venous lakes, often occurring on the lower lip 1 osseous venous lakes occurring in the skull 2 placental (venous) lakes 3

Uvula (disambiguation)

The uvula (plural: uvulae or uvulas) may refer to several different anatomical structures. When used as a standalone term it is usually understood to refer to the soft palate uvula. uvula (soft palate) uvula (cerebellum) uvula (male bladder) History and etymology Uvula is Latin for 'little ...

Ground glass (disambiguation)

The term ground glass may be used to refer to: ground glass opacity (lungs) ground glass matrix of fibrous dysplasia

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