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Uteroplacental blood flow assessment

Uteroplacental blood flow assessment is an important part of fetal well-being assessment and evaluates Doppler flow in the uterine arteries and rarely the ovarian arteries. Pathology In a non-gravid state and at the very start of pregnancy the flow in the uterine artery is of high pulsatility ...


Ontology is the study of the nature of being, existence or reality as such, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. Traditionally listed as a part of the major branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, ontology deals with questions concerning what entities exist or can be ...


Cases are your personal collection, shared with the greater Radiopaedia community. Awesome cases will be selected by our editorial board to be featured on the Radiopaedia homepage (see previously featured cases) as well as to be promoted on our various social media channels. Each month one case...

Medical illustrations and diagrams

High-quality medical illustrations and diagrams form an important part of  Attribution All illustrations should have appropriate attribution in the case findings. We strongly favor original illustrations. This makes Radiopaedia unique and contributes to what is available for...

RANZCR anatomy examination

The RANZCR anatomy examination is one of two examinations comprising the RANZCR Phase 1 examinations, with the other examination being the applied imaging technology (AIT) examination. These examinations can be sat together or independent of each other, however, trainees have a maximum of four ...

Imaging data sets (artificial intelligence)

The aggregation of an imaging data set is a critical step in building artificial intelligence (AI) for radiology. Imaging data sets are used in various ways including training and/or testing algorithms. Many data sets for building convolutional neural networks for image identification involve at...

Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology Thyroid Imaging, Reporting and Data System (K-TIRADS)

K-TIRADS is a reporting system designed by the Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology for ultrasound assessment of thyroid nodules and stratification of the requirement for FNA and malignancy. There is also stratification of indications for lymph node sampling. This is a five-stage system using de...


Segmentation, in the context of informatics for radiology, refers to the delineation of areas of interest in imaging in terms of pixels or voxels. Segmentation is often accomplished by computerized algorithms that vary in complexity from simply selecting pixels of similar values in proximity to...

Magnetic Resonance Index of Activity (MaRIA)

The Magnetic Resonance Index of Activity (MaRIA) scoring system is used to assess ileocolonic Crohn disease activity on contrast-enhanced MRI enterography. The segmental index represents disease severity in one bowel segment, whilst assessing six defined anatomic regions these can be combined in...

MRI in patients with pacemaker systems

MRI in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED) has increasingly become a requirement in radiological departments 1-8. Especially in the setting of patients with MR conditional pacemaker systems, where all the manufacturer's instructions are followed and a standardized institu...

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