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APPEND score

The APPEND score is a clinical decision rule and predictor of the likelihood of acute appendicitis. Criteria Each of the following is worth 1 point 1: male gender anorexia migratory pain localized peritonism elevated CRP >15 mg/L neutrophilia >7.5x109/L APPEND refers to the mnemonic: A...

Anterior resection of the rectum

Anterior resection is a surgical procedure to resect the rectum and sigmoid colon while preserving the anal sphincter complex. Indications cancer of the rectum (most common) severe diverticular disease Procedure Most anterior resections are performed laparoscopically, although historically,...

Colocutaneous fistula

Colocutaneous fistulas are an abnormal communication between the mucosal surface of the colon and the skin.  Pathology trauma surgery stoma associated  inflammatory bowel disease, particularly Crohn disease diverticulitis 2,6 appendicitis +/- associated surgery percutaneous endoscopic ga...

Perforated duodenal ulcer with peritonitis

  Diagnosis certain
Ammar Haouimi
Published 22 Nov 2021
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Saphena varix

Saphena varix refers to a dilation of the great saphenous vein at its junction with the femoral vein at the level of the groin. Epidemiology Saphena varix is a rare condition 4.  Clinical presentation  A saphena varix presents as a reducible swelling in the groin that may be confused for a f...

Pancreatic pseudocyst with rupture

  Diagnosis almost certain
Zain Khan
Published 16 Feb 2023
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Cholecystoduodenal fistula

  Diagnosis certain
Justin Moran
Published 23 Feb 2023
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AIR score

Appendicitis Inflammatory Response (AIR) score is a scoring system developed to assist in diagnosis of acute appendicitis based on clinical and laboratory findings 1. Criteria vomiting (+1 point) right iliac fossa tenderness (+1 point) rebound tenderness light (+1 point), or medium (+2 poi...


Hemorrhoids or anal cushions are normal vascular cushions of submucosal tissue present since birth in the anal canal and help in maintaining stool continence 2,6. Symptomatic pathological hemorrhoids occur secondary to raised intra-abdominal pressure 2. Epidemiology The prevalence of hemorrhoi...


Mastectomy is a surgical treatment for breast cancer in which the entire breast tissue is removed through a surgical procedure as opposed to a wide local excision. Sometimes, adjacent structures, such as lymph nodes, are removed to prevent recurrence or metastasis. In some cases, mastectomy is d...