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Lipoma of the filum terminale

Fatty filum terminale, also known as lipoma of the filum terminale or filar lipoma, is a relatively common finding on imaging of the lumbar spine, and in most cases is an incidental finding of no clinical concern. However, in some patients it may be associated with signs and symptoms of tethered...

Pericallosal lipoma

Pericallosal lipomas are fat-containing lesions occurring in the interhemispheric fissure closely related to the corpus callosum, which is often abnormal. It is the most common location for an intracranial lipoma. On imaging, they can be identified in two different morphologies: tubulonodular, ...

Bracket sign (pericallosal lipoma)

The bracket sign refers to a radiographic appearance seen with the tubulonodular variety of pericallosal lipoma. It reflects calcification seen at the periphery of the midline lipoma. It is best seen on coronal imaging and historically was identified on frontal radiographs. It should not be con...

Suprasellar cistern lipoma

Suprasellar cistern lipomas are uncommon, usually incidental findings, with characteristic imaging features and a very limited differential diagnosis.  For a general discussion of intracranial lipomas please refer to the general article: intracranial lipoma.  Epidemiology Suprasellar cistern ...

Pleural lipoma

Pleural lipomas are the most common benign soft tissue tumor of the pleura. These lesions are thought to originate from the submesothelial layers of the parietal pleura, extending into the subpleural, pleural, or extrapleural space. Pleural lipomas are encapsulated fatty tumors with a slow growt...


Angiolipomas (also sometimes known as haemangiolipomas, vascular lipomas, and fibromyolipomas) are rare soft tissue tumors composed of mature adipocytes and vessels. They can occur essentially anywhere and can be subclassified into infiltrating and non-infiltrating variants 1.  Please refer to ...

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