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High attenuation lymphadenopathy

High attenuation lymphadenopathy or adenopathy variably refers to abnormal lymph nodes with attenuation on CT usually higher compared to muscle, either on a noncontrast exam or following contrast administration (i.e. hyperenhancement) 5. Differential diagnosis High attenuation nodes may be due...

Intramammary lymph nodes

The intramammary lymph nodes (IMLN) (a.k.a. intramammary nodes) are lymph nodes within the breast tissue. In breast imaging, they generally fall into BIRADS II lesions 7. They can be solitary or multiple. This article discusses normal (physiological) intramammary lymph nodes. Epidemiology Intr...

Axillary lymph nodes

The axillary lymph nodes, also known commonly as axillary nodes, are a group of lymph nodes in the axilla that receive lymph from vessels that drain the arm, the walls of the thorax, the breast and the upper walls of the abdomen. Gross anatomy There are five axillary lymph node groups, namely ...

Fatty lymph node metaplasia

  Diagnosis almost certain
Roberto Schubert
Published 03 Nov 2011
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Ultrasound CT

Lymphatic drainage of the upper limb

Lymphatic drainage of the upper limb is via a series of deep and superficial channels that ultimately drain into the axillary lymph nodes.  Gross anatomy Lymph from the hand and forearm drain from lymphatic plexuses via superficial channels that accompany the basilic and cephalic veins to a se...

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

  Diagnosis almost certain
Mario Javier Ordoñez Franco
Published 24 Jun 2015
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Perinephric renal lymphoma

  Diagnosis certain
Maria Ana Serrado
Published 02 Nov 2016
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Lymph node levels of the head and neck (annotated CT)

  Diagnosis not applicable
Maciej Debowski
Published 26 Aug 2018
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