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Bone within a bone appearance

Bone within a bone is a descriptive term applied to bones that appear to have another bone within them. There are numerous causes including: normal thoracic and lumbar vertebrae (neonates and infants) growth recovery lines (after infancy) cortical splitting and new periostitis sickle cell d...

Hair on end sign (mnemonic)

The hair on end sign refers to a radiographic appearance of the diploic space of the skull vault which results from a thickening of trabeculae as the diploic space expands. These trabeculae are perpendicular in orientation, interspersed by radiolucent marrow hyperplasia along with skull vault. ...

7up, Coke down - mnemonic

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Mohammad Taghi Niknejad
Published 18 Jan 2013
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Mnemonics article structure

Mnemonics articles are a special type of article with specific style requirements outlined below.  ======================================================================= Acceptable mnemonics Mnemonics have a long tradition in the teaching of medicine and many of the most memorable ones are a...

Branches of internal iliac artery (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember the branches of the internal iliac artery is: I Love Going Places In My Very Own Underwear! Mnemonic I: iliolumbar artery L: lateral sacral artery G: gluteal (superior and inferior) arteries P: (internal) pudendal artery I: inferior vesical (vaginal in female...

Broad ligament contents (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the contents of the broad ligament is: BROAD Mnemonic B: bundle (ovarian neurovascular bundle) R: round ligament O: ovarian ligament A: artifacts (vestigial structures) D: duct (oviduct)

Eggshell calcification in thorax and mediastinum (mnemonic)

Helpful mnemonics to remember the major causes of eggshell calcification of the nodes in the thorax and mediastinum are:  A Silly Cool Sergeant Likes His Tubercular Blast Sam Smith Likes His Smart ABC Mnemonic Mnemonics A Silly Cool Sergeant Likes His Tubercular Blast A: amyloidosis S: sil...

Surgically-created cardiac shunts (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for surgically-created cardiac shunts for congenital heart disease is: Great Flow Really Would Be Perfect​ The mnemonic is ordered by the position of the shunt antegrade to normal blood flow through the heart, proceeding from the systemic venous system into the right heart, and then...

Hand intrinsic muscles innervated by the median nerve (mnemonic)

All the intrinsic muscles of the hand are innervated by the ulnar nerve, except four muscles which are supplied by the median nerve and are easily recalled with the mnemonic: FOAL or LOAF Mnemonic F: flexor pollicis brevis O: opponens pollicis A: abductor pollicis brevis L: lateral two lum...

Potter syndrome (mnemonic)

A helpful mnemonic to remember the common clinical features of Potter syndrome is: POTTER Mnemonic P: pulmonary hypoplasia O: oligohydramnios T: twisted skin (wrinkly skin) T: twisted face (Potter facies: low set ears, retrognathia, hypertelorism) E: extremity deformities (limb deformitie...

Internal carotid artery segments (mnemonic)

The internal carotid artery segments, according to the Bouthillier classification, can be recalled by the following mnemonic: C'mon Please Learn Carotid Clinical Organizing Classification Mnemonic C: cervical segment P: petrous segment L: lacerum segment C: cavernous segment C: clinoid se...

Order of structures in the porta hepatis (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to help remember the order of structures in the porta hepatis from anterior to posterior is: DAVE Mnemonic D: ducts (right and left hepatic duct branches) A: arteries (right and left hepatic artery branches) V: vein (portal vein) E: epiploic foramen (of Winslow)

Corpus callosum parts (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to help remember the parts of the corpus callosum, from anterior to posterior, is: Remember Genu Before Splenium Remember G Before S (as G comes before S alphabetically) Mnemonic R: rostrum G: genu B: body (trunk) S: splenium

Axillary artery branches (mnemonic)

Useful mnemonics to remember the branches of the axillary artery are: S AL SAP Screw the lawyer, save a patient! Mnemonics S AL SAP The gap between the 'S' and the 'AL' to emphasize that 'S' is 1st part and 'AL' are 2nd part S: superior thoracic artery (from 1st part) A: acromiothoracic (...

Innervation of the muscles of the middle ear (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember innervation of the muscles of the middle ear is: ST Mnemonic S: stapedius is supplied by a branch of the facial nerve - the Seventh cranial nerve. It is also the Smallest muscle in the body, and inserts onto the neck of Stapes. T: tensor tympani is supplied by a...

Ostiomeatal complex parts (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember the five parts of the ostiomeatal complex is: HI EMU Mnemonic H: hiatus semilunaris I: infundibulum E: ethmoidal bulla M: maxillary ostium U: uncinate process Emus have large beaks, and hence could have large ostiomeatal complexes (if they had paranasal sinu...

Male urethral segments (mnemonic)

A helpful mnemonic to remember the 4 segments of the male urethra from proximal to distal is: Pet My Beautiful Pig Mnemonic P: prostatic M: membranous B: bulbous P: penile Posterior urethra equates to the prostatic and membranous urethras.  Anterior urethra equates to the bulbous and peni...

Contents of the cubital fossa (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember the contents of the cubital fossa is, from medial to lateral: My Brother Throws Rad Parties Mnemonic M: median nerve B: brachial artery T: tendon of biceps R: radial nerve P: posterior interosseous branch of radial nerve

Couinaud classification of hepatic segments (mnemonic)

Pauli et al published a "handy" way to remember the Couinaud classification of hepatic segments 1. Make a fist with your right hand. The fingers should be wrapped around the flexed thumb and the fist should face you. The segments are represented by the following: segment 1: (caudate): the thum...

Brachial plexus terminal branches (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic for brachial plexus terminal branches includes: Most Alcoholics Must Really Urinate Mnemonic Where the first letter of each word represents the terminal branches of the brachial plexus: M: musculocutaneous nerve A: axillary nerve M: median nerve R: radial nerve U: ulnar...

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