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Intraosseous pneumatocyst

Measurement of in...
 Diagnosis certain
Dr Sebastian Tschauner
Published 21 Jan 2017
95% complete

Sliver sign (patella)

The sliver sign refers to a curvilinear intra-articular osteochondral fragment in the knee joint on conventional knee radiographs. In the context of acute knee trauma and in association with joint effusion this sign is highly predictive of a recent transient lateral patellar dislocation 1. Path...

Cyma line

A cyma line refers to the union of two curved lines in architecture. In a radiological context it refers to the smooth joining of the midtarsal joint lines of the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints on both AP and lateral views. A disruption of the cyma line can indicate true shortening of ...

Bilateral femoral head avascular necrosis

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Liam Pugh
Published 26 Jul 2017
79% complete

Extrusion index

The extrusion index is a radiographic measurement of femoral head bony coverage by the acetabulum. It is useful in assessing for developmental dysplasia as well as femoroacetabular impingement. It is calculated by dividing the horizontal distance of the lateral femoral head that is uncovered by...

Lateral center-edge angle

The lateral center-edge angle is a radiographic measurement of femoral head bony coverage by the acetabulum. It has primarily been described in assessing for acetabular dysplasia but can also be used in femoroacetabular impingement. It is calculated on AP pelvic radiographs by using drawing a b...

Bilateral proximal radioulnar synostosis

 Diagnosis certain
Dr Tito Alfredo Atencia Rincon
Published 15 Oct 2018
91% complete

Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration

Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA) describes the injury that occurs when there is an unintentional injection of antigenic material in the synovial tissues resulting in an inflammatory reaction. Clinical presentation After a vaccine administration, mostly on the first day...

Shoulder lipoma

 Diagnosis certain
Dr. Edgar Luna Villanueva
Published 18 Feb 2019
98% complete

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