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Lumbar plexus (mnemonic)

Handy mnemonics to recall the branches of the lumbar plexus are:​ Indecent Ian Gets Laid On Fridays Luckily Itchy Igor Gets Laid On Fridays Luckily (ItcHy - iliohypogastric, IGor - ilioinguinal) I (twice) Get Laid On Fridays I (twice) Get Leftovers On Fridays IIGLO For aLl IIGLO is used i...

Cardiac plexus

The cardiac plexus is a network of autonomic nerves and ganglia situated at the base of the heart. It is formed by cardiac branches derived from both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Gross anatomy Parasympathetic cardiac nerves reach the heart from the vagus nerve (cranial ...

Intercostal nerve

The intercostal nerves are the somatic nerves that arise from the anterior divisions of the thoracic spinal nerves from T1 to T11. These nerves in addition to supplying the thoracic wall also supply the pleura and peritoneum. Gross anatomy Intercostal nerves can be divided into atypical and ty...

Supraclavicular nerves

The supraclavicular nerves are three cutaneous nerves that emerge as a common trunk from the cervical plexus before branching to innervate the skin over the upper chest and shoulders.  Gross anatomy Origin The supraclavicular nerves arise from the ventral rami of C3 and C4 spinal nerves, alth...

Scalp nerve supply (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to remember the nerve supply to the scalp is: GLASS Mnemonic G: greater occipital nerve / greater auricular nerve L: lesser occipital nerve A: auriculotemporal nerve S: supratrochlear nerve S: supraorbital nerve Please note that other nerves also contribute, see anatomy articl...