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Kirner deformity

Kirner deformity is characterised by a curvature of the distal phalynx of the 5th digit in both a palmar and radial direction. Epidemiology The deformity typically presents in late childhood to early adolescence, although a mild deformity may be present at birth. Both sexes are affected, altho...

Third, fourth and fifth toe symphalangism

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Dr Henry Knipe
Published 09 Sep 2014
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Isolated spade phalanx

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Dr Matt A. Morgan
Published 16 Mar 2015
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Phalanges of the feet

The phalanges (single: phalanx) of the feet are the tubular bones of the toes. The second to fifth toes each contain a proximal, middle and distal phalanx whereas the great toe (hallux) only contains a proximal and distal phalanx. Gross anatomy Osteology Each phalanx consists of a central bod...

Distal phalanx fracture

Distal phalanx fractures are among the most common fractures in the hand.  They represent > 50% of all phalangeal fractures and frequently involve the ungual tuft 1. They are frequently related to sports, with lesions such as the mallet finger and the Jersey finger. When associted with a crush...

Middle phalanx fracture

Middle phalanx fractures are the least common of the phalanx fractures. Radiographic features These fractures are generally well visualised on plain radiographs. Ultrasonography can be used in unclear cases. Treatment and prognosis Non-displaced fractures can be treated conservatively with a...

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