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Temporary ventricular assist devices

Temporary ventricular assist devices (or temporary VADs) are temporary percutaneous devices used in supporting a failing heart in cardiogenic shock or perioperatively. Principle Temporary VADs consist of an inlet, outlet and impeller pump all housed within a catheter. Temporary VADs are insert...

Cervical adenitis

Cervical adenitis refers to the inflammation of lymph nodes in the neck. Epidemiology Most common cause of a pediatric neck mass following non-specific infectious/inflammatory insults. Clinical presentation In the pediatric population, a child will present with a painful cervical mass. Path...

Cardiac restraint device

Cardiac restraint devices are implantable cardiac devices which aim to reduce ventricular wall stress, improve systolic function and reduce cardiac remodeling. Cardiac restraint devices act to support the ventricular wall with an elastic mesh network which offers passive pressure to support the...

Cervical thymus

The cervical thymus (plural: cervical thymi) refers to an ectopic location of the thymus in the neck above the level of the brachiocephalic veins. Clinical presentation A cervical thymus usually presents before adolescence as a painless unilateral midline or lateral neck mass. Pathology Etio...

Congenital goiter

Congenital goiter is a rare cause of neck swelling in neonates and is demonstrated as diffuse/nodular thyroid gland enlargement. Epidemiology It is a common endocrine disease in newborns and affects approximately 1:2000-4000 live births. Clinical presentation There may be a difficult vaginal...

Reflux management systems

Reflux management systems refer to medical devices that offer an alternative to surgical based treatments for severe and medically refractory gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Indications for the surgical management of gastro-esophageal reflux disease include gastro-esophageal reflux disease re...