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Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), also known as Dawson disease, is a rare chronic, progressive and fatal encephalitis that affects primarily children and young adults, caused by a persistent infection of immune resistant measles virus. Epidemiology  1 in 100,000 people infected with ...

Ludwig angina

Ludwig angina (cellulitis) refers to rapidly progressive inflammation of the floor of mouth, which is potentially life-threatening due to the risk of rapid airway compromise.  Epidemiology Largely due to the advent of antibiotics, the condition is uncommon in present day modern societies. Immu...

Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke results from a sudden cessation of adequate amounts of blood reaching parts of the brain. Ischemic strokes can be divided according to territory affected or mechanism. Epidemiology Stroke is the second most common cause of morbidity worldwide (after myocardial infarction) and i...

Talocalcaneal angle

The talocalcaneal angle, also known as the kite angle, refers to the angle between lines drawn down the axis of the talus and calcaneus measured on a weight-bearing DP foot radiograph. This angle varies depending on the position of the calcaneus under the talus and the stiffness of the ligaments...

Acute necrotizing encephalopathy

Acute necrotizing encephalopathy, also referred as acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood, is a rare type of encephalopathy characterized by multiple bilateral brain lesions, mainly involving the thalami, but also the putamina, internal and external capsules, cerebellar white matter, and ...

Oroantral fistula

Oroantral fistulas are a pathological communication between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus (antrum). Terminology The term oroantral fistula is similar to but not synonymous with the term oroantral communication (OAC). An oro-antral fistula refers to an "epithelialized" pathological un...

Dental abscess

Dental (periapical) abscesses are an acute infection of the periapical tissue around the root of the tooth. Clinical presentation Patients may present with pain, edema, and purulent discharge localized to the site of pathology with or without fever and tender cervical lymphadenopathy 1. Patho...


Dengue is a mosquito-borne acute systemic viral infection caused by any of the four serotypes of the dengue virus. Epidemiology Dengue virus infections occur predominately in tropical and subtropical regions. 3  Clinical presentation The infection can lead to a broad spectrum of symptoms ran...

Endovascular clot retrieval (ECR)

Endovascular clot retrieval (ECR) is increasingly performed in patients with presenting with emergent large vessel occlusion (ELVO), especially those with a large ischemic penumbra that is likely to go to ischemic stroke. To be successful, careful patient selection and dedicated training and equ...

Odontogenic sinusitis

Odontogenic sinusitis describes inflammation of the maxillary sinus secondary to dental pathology or dental procedures. Epidemiology Odontogenic sinusitis accounts for 5-70% of cases of chronic maxillary sinusitis. It is the most common cause of unilateral maxillary sinusitis 6. Clinical pres...

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