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Contrast media extravasation

Contrast media extravasation (CMEV) refers to the leakage of intravenously-administered contrast media from the normal intravascular compartment into surrounding soft tissues; it is a well-known complication of contrast-enhanced CT scanning. It can also occur in MRI studies, but the complication...

MRI contrast agent safety

Though considered safer than the frequently used iodinated contrast agents used in x-ray and CT studies, there are safety issues with MRI contrast agents as well. Paramagnetic metal ions suitable as MRI contrast agents are all potentially toxic when injected IV at or near doses needed for clinic...

Iodinated contrast-induced thyrotoxicosis

Iodinated contrast-induced thyrotoxicosis is rare and may occur in patients with pre-existing thyroid disease and through complications of thyrotoxicosis (e.g. cardiac arrhythmia) may be fatal. Patients with a normal thyroid gland are unaffected.  Patients with existing thyrotoxicosis should no...

Mechanical index

The mechanical index (MI) is an attempt to measure part of an ultrasound beam's bioeffects. The MI is found on most ultrasound display screens, along with the thermal index. Mechanical index is proportional to an ultrasound beam's peak negative pressure (or peak rarefaction pressure). It is al...

Thermal index

The thermal index (TI) is intended as a measure of an ultrasound beam's thermal bioeffects. It is often displayed on ultrasound screens (along with the mechanical index). Absorption of sound waves may cause heating in tissue. The thermal index depends on: a measure of time-averaged acoustic po...

Contrast media and breastfeeding

Contrast media and breastfeeding is an area of imaging safety that has been investigated for both iodinated and gadolinium-based contrast agents. The current guidelines do not support the cessation of breastfeeding or any special precautions after intravenous administration of these contrast med...

Patient safety checklist (interventional radiology)

Patient safety has been defined as the absence of preventable harm to a patient during the process of healthcare. Patient safety checklists have been developed by interventional radiologists to govern patient safety and they are useful for the practitioner to keep in mind to ensure every patient...

Endobronchial nasogastric tube

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Dr Derek Smith
Published 26 May 2019
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Specific absorption rate

Specific absorption rate (SAR) is the rate that electromagnetic energy in the radiofrequency is absorbed by tissues during MR image acquisition represented as watts per kilogram (W/kg).  Both the International Electrotechnical Commission and the USA's Food and Drug Administration limit the amoun...

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