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Trident acetabulum

Trident acetabulum is an appearance which can be seen in several skeletal dysplasias 1. It is characterized by small bony spurs at the medial and lateral acetabular margins with a more subtle central spur, resembling a trident, the three-pronged spear of classical Greece 1.  The appearance has...

Gastric bubble

The gastric bubble is a radiolucent rounded area generally nestled under the left hemidiaphragm representing gas in the fundus of the stomach. On a lateral radiograph, the gastric bubble is usually located between the abdominal wall and spine. It can be seen on chest or abdominal plain films. I...

Liver overlap sign

The liver overlap sign can be seen in sigmoid volvulus wherein the sigmoid loop is seen, usually on an abdominal radiograph, ascending to the right upper quadrant and projecting over the liver shadow. In one study of 21 patients with confirmed sigmoid volvulus, the sign was present in 9 patient...

Thumbprinting sign and its differential diagnosis

 Diagnosis not applicable
Dr Osamah A. A. Alwalid
Published 31 Jul 2018
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Golden arches sign (knees)

The Golden arches sign is a nuclear medicine sign often seen on bone scan in patients with total knee prosthesis. The femoral condylar prosthesis results in two central photopenic regions with two 'hot' arches formed around the periprosthetic region. This finding is non-specific and may sugges...

Eye of the tiger sign

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Huda B. Gharbia
Published 17 Dec 2018
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Barbell sign (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy)

The barbell sign has been described in a short series of patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) 1. This describes confluent FLAIR / T2w parieto-occipital abnormalities with a thin continuation of signal abnormality across the splenium. Given the lack of mass effect typi...

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