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Thymic sail sign

 Diagnosis certain
Claire Isidro
Published 18 Apr 2020
94% complete

Iceberg (photograph)

 Diagnosis not applicable
Dr Subhan Iqbal
Published 25 Oct 2020
29% complete

Sigmoid volvulus - bird beak sign

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz Qureshi
Published 23 Nov 2020
75% complete

Dancing megasperm

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Yahya Baba
Published 04 Dec 2020
79% complete

Apple core sign of colon cancer

 Diagnosis certain
Dr Mohamed Mahmoud Elthokapy
Published 18 Jul 2021
95% complete
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Boas sign

Boas sign is a clinical sign that is defined as hyperesthesia felt by the patient to light touch in the right lower scapular region or the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. It is classically seen in patients with acute cholecystitis. History and etymology Ismar Isidor Boas (1858–1938), was ...

Rosenbach sign (aortic valve regurgitation)

Rosenbach sign is a clinical sign that is seen in severe aortic/tricuspid valve regurgitation. It is elicited as pulsation of the liver, during systole, and it is primarily due to the increased cardiac output and associated retrograde blood flow into the liver 1-3. See also Rosenbach also gave...

Rosenbach sign (hemiplegia)

Rosenbach sign or phenomenon is a clinical sign described in hemiplegia.  The sign refers to the absence of an abdominal wall skin reflex when stroking the paralyzed side of a patient; conversely on the unaffected side, the reflex is normal 1. See also Rosenbach gave his name to two other cli...

Rosenbach sign (eye)

The Rosenbach sign of the eyes is a clinical sign of Graves disease. It consists of fine tremors of the eyelids when gently closed 1,2. History and etymology Ottomar Ernst Felix Rosenbach (1851-1907), a German physician born in Prussian County in Silesia, graduated from medicine in Breslau in ...

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