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The zygoma (also known as zygomatic bone or malar bone) is an important facial bone which forms the prominence of the cheek. It is roughly quadrangular in shape. Gross anatomy Zygoma has three surfaces, five borders, and two processes. Surfaces anterolateral surface is convex, pierced at its...


The frontomaxillary suture is the site where the nasal process of frontal bone meets the frontal process of the maxilla.

Petroclival suture

The petroclival suture is a short cranial suture between the medial tip of petrous temporal bone and the superolateral border of the clivus of the occipital bone. It is seen in continuation with the petro-occipital groove and the carotid canal is immediately anterior to this suture. It contains ...

Nasomaxillary suture

This suture forms the fissure between the frontal process of maxilla and the lateral border of the nasal bone. The nasomaxillary sutures are paried.

Focal calvarial thinning

Focal calvarial thinning can result from a number of causes. They include: bilateral thinning of the parietal bones (normal variant) most common arachnoid cyst mega cisterna magna peripherally located tumors (e.g. oligodendroglioma) See also calvarial thinning calvarial thickening

Palatine bone

The palatine bones are paired L-shaped bones joined at the midline. They form the hard palate with the maxillary bones. They also form part of the floor of the nasal cavity (the hard palate separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity).  Gross anatomy The palatine bones are located at the b...

Ventriculoatrial shunt

 Diagnosis certain
Konstantin Benno Bräutigam
Published 13 Dec 2017
86% complete

Intradiploic epidermoid cyst

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Ammar Haouimi
Published 07 Jan 2019
78% complete

Orbital roof fibrous dysplasia

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Hidayatullah Hamidi
Published 09 Jan 2019
80% complete

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