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Persistent metopic suture

 Diagnosis certain
Dr David Cuete
Published 01 Nov 2013
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Sutural diastasis

Sutural diastasis is an abnormal widening of the skull sutures. It may be physiological in a neonate during a growth spurt.  Pathology In non-traumatic scenarios accelerated growth of the sutural connective tissue without concurrent ossification is the underlying pathology.  Etiology traumat...

Retained suture needle

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Brendon Friesen
Published 09 Jul 2015
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Squamosal suture

The squamosal or squamous suture is the cranial suture between the temporal and parietal bones bilaterally. From the pterion, it extends posteriorly, curves inferiorly and continues as the parietotemporal suture. Along with growth of the pterion, the asterion and at the frontozygomatic suture, ...

Frontomaxillary suture

The frontomaxillary suture is the suture where the nasal process of frontal bone joins the frontal process of the maxilla.

Parietotemporal suture

The parietotemporal or parietomastoid suture represents the articulation between the parietal and temporal bones posteriorly. Anteriorly, they articulate at the squamosal suture. The parietotemporal suture is considered the most posterior continuation of squamosal suture and is at times interrup...

Nasomaxillary suture

This suture forms the fissure between the frontal process of maxilla and the lateral border of the nasal bone. The nasomaxillary sutures are paried.


 Diagnosis certain
Dr Mostafa El-Feky
Published 21 Dec 2017
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