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Femoral triangle boundaries (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the boundaries of the femoral triangle is: SAIL This should be easy to remember because the femoral triangle is shaped like a sail.  Mnemonic S: sartorius A: adductor longus IL: inguinal ligament

Femoral triangle

The femoral triangle is an anatomical space in the anterior upper thigh that contains several palpable structures. Gross anatomy Boundaries The major boundaries can be recalled with the mnemonic SAIL 1,2: lateral border: medial border of sartorius medial border: medial border of adductor lo...

Femoral triangle contents (mnemonic)

Mnemonics to recall the order of the femoral vessels and nerve as they emerge from beneath the inguinal ligament into the femoral triangle are: NAVY NAVEL Mnemonics NAVY From lateral to medial: N: femoral nerve A: femoral artery V: femoral vein Y: "Y-fronts" (i.e. the midline) It shoul...

Great saphenous vein

The great saphenous vein (GSV) forms part of the superficial venous system of the lower limb.  Terminology The great saphenous vein is the preferred term over other variants such as long saphenous vein (LSV), greater saphenous vein or internal saphenous vein 5. Gross anatomy Origin and cours...

Perforating veins of the lower limb

The perforating veins of the lower limb (PV or “perforators”) are so called because they perforate the deep fascia of muscles, to connect the superficial venous systems of the lower extremity with the deep veins where they drain. There are numerous veins in variable arrangement, connection, size...