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Balint Botz

Senior lecturer, MD PhD

Balint is an attending radiologist and neuroradiology fellow at the Radiology Department of the Clinic for Medical Imaging at the University of Pécs, Medical School, Hungary. His main interests are neuroradiology, and musculoskeletal imaging, and is also quite enthusiastic about contrast-enhanced ultrasound. He is actively involved in undergraduate medical student education and the training or radiology residents. Prior to beginning the residency he obtained a PhD focusing on neuro-immune interactions in pain and inflammation. He retains his interest from this time in preclinical in vivo imaging (fluorescence/ bioluminescence imaging, X-ray microtomography, MRI), and is actively involved in several related research projects. Besides his editorial commitment to Balint is also the founder of, an independent educational website offering a growing number of calculators and aids in the use of scoring and reporting systems. 



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