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Ayush Goel


Dr. Ayush Goel is a consultant radiologist from India. He has been one of the editorial board members at Radiopaedia since 2013. He is also:

  • co-founder and editor in chief of mediconotebook
  • blog author at shiviradiology
  • certified from the fetal medicine foundation (London, UK) for NT scans

He graduated from the government medical college in Haldwani, cleared DNB common entrance test and opted for Radiodiagnosis through centralised counseling. 3 years into training, he cleared the DNB Radiodiagnosis exam (theory and practical) on his 1st attempt.

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Question 531

Which of the following is correct regarding a normal antenatal Doppler ultrasound study?


Question 532

Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding nuchal fold thickness measurement in antenatal scan ?


Question 553

Which of the following is true regarding development of corpus callosum?


Question 928

Which of the following statement is false regarding 11-13 weeks antenatal scan?


Question 1680

Which of the following is true regarding intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) or fetal growth restriction (FGR)?