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Hidayatullah Hamidi


Dr. Hidayatullah Hamidi is a general radiologist practicing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • He achieved his MD from Kabul Medical University, Kabul.
  • Finished radiology residency at French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC), Kabul.
  • Completed European School Of Radiology (ESOR) scholarship in pediatric radiology at Innsbruck Medical University, Tyrol, Austria.
  • Completed ESOR & ESNR exchange fellowship in neuroradiology at Istanbul Medical University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Completed ESOR BRACCO clinical fellowship in thoracic imaging at Vienna Medical University Vienna, Austria.

He is the program director and head of the radiology department at FMIC.

Hidayatullah has great enthusiasm for learning and sharing what he knows. His slogan is "knowledge should be shared".

He runs a Youtube channel for ultrasound and radiology lectures (Hidayatullah Hamidi) on national languages (Dari and Pashto).

  • Nothing to disclose



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