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Ioannis Tsamis


1999: Graduation from the Medical School of Athens, Greece (GRE).

2000-2001 (18 months): National Service as No-Specialty MD in the Hellenic Army (Infantry),

2002-2008: Radiology Resident (cities of Korinthos and Patras - GRE).

2008-2020: Private Practice in the field of General Radiology,  in the cities of Patras, Aigion, and Orestiada (GRE).

May 2020-today: Radiology Consultant (B-Grade), Orestiada Health Center & Didymoteicho General Hospital, Western Thrace, GRE - Hellenic NHS. 

The primary diagnostic modalities I am involved with are the CT-scans, Gray-Scale, Colour Doppler Sonography, and plain X-Ray films. On a secondary level: Mammography, Conventional Radiology Exams, Bone Densitometry, and MRI scans. 

Overall, I consider myself a hard worker, with a high team-working-spirit, keen on training.

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