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Rohit Sharma

MBBS(Hons) BMedSc(Hons)

Rohit is a neurology registrar/fellow and has been part of the Radiopaedia editorial board since 2017. He is a medical graduate from Monash University (2017), where he also completed a research honours year (2016) with first class honours. His minor thesis focused on the clinico-radiological features of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Subsequently, he completed his internship and Basic Physician Training at Alfred Health (2018-2021), before then pursuing Advanced Physician Training in neurology at Barwon Health (2022) and Alfred Health (2023-2024). For 2024, he was awarded an ANZAN Overseas Fellowship to continue his neurology training in Oxford, UK. Within neurology, he has particular interests in movement disorders, stroke, neuroradiology, and neuro-palliative care. Otherwise, he is interested in medical education, and is a tragic fan of cricket and football.

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