Prostate cancer and proctitis


Histopathology report:

Gross description:
The specimen consists of nine tiny fragments.

Microscopic description:
Sections show colonic mucosa with diffuse hyperplastic changes.
Two fragments show fibrohyalinization in the lamina propria with mild hemosiderin pigment. The small capillaries are dilated, but no thrombi seen. Chronic inflammation is mild.
There is no cryptitis. No granuloma. No ulceration.
There is no dysplasia or invasive malignancy.

Benign histology with focal fibrosis, suggestive of old ischemia.


The findings indicate a non-specific proctitis, not due to acute ischemia, infection, inflammatory bowel disease or radiation. This study also demonstrates extracapsular invasion of prostate cancer into the left neurovascular bundle, seminal vesicles, and left anterior rectal wall.

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