Radiopaedia 2023 (July 24-28) is a five-day virtual radiology conference featuring lectures, panel discussions, workshops and round-the-clock livestreams delivered by global experts. 

The event includes specialized lectures for radiologists and radiology trainees, as well as general lectures (🅖) suited to most health professionals looking to boost their radiology knowledge (see lecture titles).

A live-session commences every 4 hours with attendees able to chat and view cases in realtime. Full interactive on-demand access extends for 30 days after the event or 90 days for all-access pass holders. Eleven encore lectures (🅴) from past events are also included. 

A new feature in 2023 are our rPoster sessions! We've selected 90 high quality educational posters from over 500 submissions to go into production and appear at the conference alongside our lecture program. 

We are proud to offer free registration to Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and to individuals in 125 low and middle income countries. For everyone else, we have tiered pricing designed to maximize global affordability. English subtitles are provided for on-demand lectures. 

Delegates will receive a certificate for 30 hours of conference attendance with 30 CPD credits/hours claimable with RCRRANZCR and ASMIRT (view CME details). Over 150 multiple choice review questions are included. 

We look forward to you joining us online for Radiopaedia 2023!

Andrew Dixon, Amanda Er & Vikas Shah
Co-convenors of Radiopaedia 2023


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Free Registration

Registration is free for Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and in 125 low and middle income countries with extended 90 day post-event access. You may wish to get an all-access pass if you haven't got one, or proceed to the conference only registration section instead. 

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Paid Registration

To promote global affordability our conference pricing varies based on your country income tier. We also have concession pricing for non-doctors and trainee doctors including residents and fellows. Single day registration not available

Standard Registration

This option is for consultant/attending doctors who wish to register for the virtual conference with 30 day post-event access. Applies to all specialties eg. radiologists, surgeons, emergency physicians. 

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Concession Registration

This option is for non-doctors and trainee doctors including residents, registrars and fellows who wish to register for the virtual conference with 30-day post-event access. You'll be asked to submit proof of concession status after payment.

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  • Diseases of the meninges  Tilak Das
  • Post-treatment imaging of brain tumors  Lea Alhilali
  • Brain MRI: search patterns and check areas  Frank Gaillard  🅖
  • Cerebral small vessel diseases  Francis Deng, Rohit Sharma
  • Brain CT: search patterns and check areas  Andrew Dixon  🅖
  • Stroke vascular territories: it's not always the MCA  Craig Hacking  🅖
  • Cavernous sinus: from anatomy to pathology  Lalani Carlton Jones  (37 mins) 🅴
Head & Neck Imaging
  • Perineural tumor spread  Christine Glastonbury
  • Temporal bone lesions made easy  Jenny Hoang 
  • Spaces of the suprahyoid neck  Daniel Gewolb  🅖
  • Imaging approach to otalgia  Jennifer Gillespie 
  • Cervical lymph node assessment  Derek Smith  🅖
  • Neck CT: search patterns and check areas  Tabby Kennedy  🅖
  • Understanding the lower four: CN9-12  Christine Glastonbury  (34 mins) 🅴
Workshops & rPosters
  • Neurovascular workshop  Frank Gaillard & Peter Mitchell
  • Neuroradiology rPosters  Proffered presentations
  • Head & Neck rPosters  Proffered presentations

Chest Imaging 
  • Tumor versus infection: focal opacities  Miranda Siemienowicz
  • Connective tissue disease related ILD  Jonathan Chung
  • Imaging of pulmonary embolism  Sally Ayesa  🅖
  • Pulmonary hypertension: spying the imaging clues  Ben Hudson
  • Top ten most useful chest x-ray signs  Andrew Dixon  🅖
  • Chest x-ray interpretation: lines and tubes  Amanda Er  (30 mins) 🅖 🅴
  • Anterior mediastinal masses: beyond the mnemonic  Naveen Sharma  (29 mins) 🅴
Pediatric Imaging 
  • Renal masses: neonates to teens  John Adu
  • Pediatric ultrasound lumps and bumps  Jeremy Jones
  • Pediatric stroke: dealing with the differentials  Ian Craven
  • Neonatal chest x-ray: search patterns and check areas  Jeremy Jones  🅖
  • Top ten pediatric pelvic x-ray findings  Jeremy Jones  🅖
  • Pediatric abdominal emergencies  John Adu  (31 mins) 🅴 
Workshops & rPosters
  • ​Trauma radiology workshop  Craig Hacking & Andrew Dixon 
  • Chest imaging rPosters  Proffered presentations
  • Pediatric imaging rPosters  Proffered presentations
Abdominal Imaging 
  • Upper gastrointestinal diseases on CT  Michael Hartung
  • Top ten pitfalls in abdominal CT  Vikas Shah  🅖
  • Post esophagectomy imaging  Carla Goncalves
  • Solving splenic dilemmas: imaging and biopsy tips  Joseph Mullineux
  • Top five signs in abdominal ultrasound  Ruth Reeve  🅖
  • Cystic pancreatic lesions  Edmund Godfrey  (39 mins) 🅴 
  • Introduction to MRCP  Matt A Morgan  (23 mins) 🅖 🅴
Obstetrics & Gynecology 
  • Fallopian tube imaging and therapy  Emmeline Lee
  • MRI of placenta accreta spectrum disorder  Natalie Yang 
  • Top five adnexal masses on MRI  Alexandra Stanislavsky  🅖
  • Role of imaging in cervical cancer  Nishat Bharwani
  • Top five signs in gynecologic ultrasound  Henry Suarez  🅖
  • Introduction to pelvic ultrasound  Avni Skandhan  (23 mins) 🅖 🅴
Workshops & rPosters
  • Renal imaging workshop  Joseph Mullineux & Vikas Shah 
  • Abdominal imaging rPosters  Proffered presentations
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology rPosters  Proffered presentations

Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Sports related finger injuries  Tatiane Cantarelli
  • An approach to elbow MRI  Dai Roberts  
  • Gym injuries: torn while getting ripped  Imran Lasker 
  • Top ten dislocation injuries  Craig Hacking  🅖
  • Top ten commonly missed extremity fractures  Andrew Murphy  🅖
  • Introduction to shoulder ultrasound  Dai Roberts  (19 mins) 🅖 🅴 
Spine Imaging 
  • Degenerative and post-operative spine  Wende Gibbs
  • Spinal infections: imaging and biopsy tips  Syed Junaid
  • Lumbar spine x-ray interpretation  Matt Skalski  🅖
  • Sacroiliac joint variants and pathology  Matt Skalski  (46 mins) 🅴 
Interventional Radiology 
  • Vascular interventional oncology: TACE & SIRT  Heather Moriarty
  • Non-vascular interventional oncology: ablation  Stephen Power
  • What's new in interventional oncology  Roberto Cazzato
  • Top ten papers to know in IR  Heather Moriarty  (27 mins) 🅴
Workshops & rPosters
  • Nuclear Medicine workshop  Sally Ayesa & David Little  
  • Musculoskeletal rPosters  Proffered presentations
  • Vascular and Intervention rPosters  Proffered presentations

Technology updates
Hosted by Andrew Murphy
  • CT scanning technology  Ben Hudson, Tim Szczykutowicz
  • Display screen technology  Daniel Fascia, Matt Skalski 
Patient-centered experiences
Hosted by Amanda Er
  • Sharing the patient & family perspective  Sue Robins
  • Parent-centric communication in obstetric ultrasound  Ali Deslandes
  • Simulation and moulage in radiography education  Naomi Shiner
How best to use Radiopaedia
Hosted by Vikas Shah
  • Exploring articles  Vikas Shah, Sonam Vadera, Derek Smith
  • Mastering cases  Frank Gaillard, Leonardo Lustosa, Henry Knipe
  • Utilizing playlists  Amanda Er, Jeremy Jones, Dai Roberts
Teaching with pictures
Hosted by Matt Skalski
  • Getting creative with educational illustrations  Lea Alhilali
  • Teaching with very little text  Andrew Dixon
  • Engaging learners through visual storytelling  Stefan Tigges
Women in radiology
Hosted by Amanda Er
  • Gender diversity in radiology  Sally Ayesa
  • Tackling workforce challenges  Christine Glastonbury, Emmeline Lee, Christina Malamateniou
  • Radiology leadership  Sally Ayesa, Patricia Desmond, Natalie Yang
  • Breast imaging rPosters  Proffered presentations
  • Nuclear medicine rPosters  Proffered presentations

CME Information

All delegates will be able to download a certificate for 30 hours of conference attendance. It is likely that many professional societies and organizations will accredit this conference as CME/CPD, however given the global nature of the event, it is not possible for us to pre-approve points other than those listed below.

RCR 30 CPD credits

This conference provides 30 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists. Registrants should watch all videos, complete the multiple choice questions and feedback survey prior to downloading a certificate from their my courses tab

RANZCR 30 CPD hours (8 MRI hours)

This conference provides 30 CPD hours in accordance with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (including 8 MRI Specific CPD hours). Registrants should watch all videos, complete the multiple choice questions and feedback survey prior to downloading a certificate from their my courses tab

ASMIRT 30 CPD hours

This conference is an Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy CPD approved event. ASMIRT members will be able to log their CPD hours through the ASMIRT portal using the activity code RADPAE-003696.

Radiopaedia 2022 Delegate Feedback

"Fantastic high quality presentations. All very relevant to practice. Entertaining too. Amazing value!"

"Grateful to Radiopaedia for being an important resource for my day to day practice. Thank you for making education accessible for professionals in low and middle income countries."

"An excellent conference; perhaps the most educational radiology conference I have yet attended. The online structure of the conference with post event access to content has meant I can watch more educational lectures than at a standard in-person conference."

"Learning radiology in a country like mine (Zambia) isn't for the faint hearted. Being able to gain knowledge through events like this one gives me hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you Radiopaedia for helping us become better radiologists.

"The live case workshops were excellent. As a doctor without a radiology background, being able to watch an expert talk through a scan massively contributed to my understanding of basic radiology/anatomy."

"The caliber of talks was excellent. The workshops with the chance to view the cases independently were definitely some of the most engaging parts of the conference."

"Radiopaedia, through this web-based conference favourably impacts on patients outcomes in resource limited settings by boosting knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals. This underpins the importance of sustaining this invaluable program for many more years in the future."

Terms and conditions

Any cancelation requests by conference-only delegates received before 24 July 2023 UTC 00:00 will receive a full refund less a USD$80 administration fee (or equivalent amount in the currency paid). Cancelation requests received after this time will not be eligible for any refund. Requests should be emailed to [email protected].

While we don't expect any major change to the conference program, we reserve the right to change the scheduled program, or the running length for any individual lecture, at any time.

For conference-only delegates, access to the conference videos will end on 28 August 2023 at 00:00 UTC. Any All-Access Pass Holders with a pass that expires before 24 August 2023, will need to pre-renew their pass prior to 24 July 2023 in order to view the conference content. Access to content for all-access pass holders will end on 28 October 2023 at 00:00 UTC as long as your pass does not expire prior.

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