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Lentigo maligna

Lentigo maligna, also known as Hutchinson freckle, is a non-familial precursor to lentigo maligna melanoma, which accounts for 5-15% of cases of malignant melanoma. It is most frequent in the head and neck. It should not be confused with numerous other Hutchinson named entities including: Hutc...

Skin changes of mercury poisoning (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the skin changes associated with mercury poisoning is: 5 Ps Mnemonic P: pink P: puffy P: painful P: paresthesia P: peeling

Lichen planus (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to describe the skin lesions associated with lichen planus is: 5 Ps Mnemonic P: planar P: polygonal P: pruritic P: purple P: papular

Lichen aureus (mnemonic)

The skin changes of lichen aureus can be remembered with the following mnemonic: 5 Ps of lichen aureus Mnemonic pigmented purpuric papules in peripheral patches

Café au lait spots

Café au lait spots are a type of pigmented skin lesions which are classically described as being light brown in color.   Conditions associated with them include: neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) Jaffe-Campanacci syndrome McCune-Albright syndrome: typically irregular spots which have been liken...

Kveim Stilzbach skin test

The Kveim Stilzbach skin test is a sensitive and specific test for sarcoidosis, requiring the intradermal injection of homogenized spleen or liver material from a patient with known sarcoidosis. In patients with sarcoidosis, a typical sarcoid granuloma will develop at the injection site within 4...

Sezary syndrome

Sézary syndrome (SS) is a type of primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.  Clinical presentation It is clinically characterized by an extensive erythematous rash covering most of the body as well as the presence of malignant lymphocytes in the blood. History and etymology It is named after Albert...

Primary cutaneous melanoma

Primary cutaneous melanoma is the most common subtype of malignant melanoma, a malignant neoplasm that arises from melanocytes. Melanocytes predominantly occur in the basal layer of the epidermis but do occur elsewhere in the body. Primary cutaneous melanoma is by far the most common type of pri...

Hidradenitis suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is an inflammatory skin disease of unknown cause. It has an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern, and androgen excess have been postulated. The disease is associated with Crohn disease and Dowling Degos disease.  Epidemiology Up to 4% of the general population are af...

Hidradenitis suppurativa

 Diagnosis certain
Dr Jan Frank Gerstenmaier
Published 24 Aug 2013
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Cutaneous melanoma

 Diagnosis almost certain
Dr Ayush Goel
Published 01 Jan 2015
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Granuloma annulare

Granuloma annulare is a benign idiopathic inflammatory disorder of the dermis, characterized by formation of dermal papules in young children. Clinical presentation Granuloma annulare most commonly seen in kids between 2-12 years old and usually it occurs in extremities. One typical location i...

Cutis laxa

Cutis laxa is a rare dermatological condition, characterized by elastic fiber loss, resulting in very lax skin. Patients can also develop emphysema. Pathology Cutis laxa may be inherited (autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, or X-linked recessive) or may occur sporadically. Associations ...

Focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome

Focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome, is also known as Goltz syndrome, and is not to be confused with the similar-sounding Gorlin-Goltz syndrome. Epidemiology A rare disorder that follows an X-linked dominant inheritance pattern. More commonly seen in males than females. Worldwide only 200-300 cas...


Ichthyosis is a heterogeneous set of dermatologic conditions marked out by their phenotype of diffuse dryness of the skin. Ichthyosis is usually inherited, but rarely maybe acquired. Epidemiology Inherited ichthyosis (II) accounts for the majority of cases.  Ichthyosis vulgaris, the commonest ...

Hypomelanotic macules

Hypomelanotic macules are otherwise known as ash-leaf spots due to their resemblance to Sorbus aucuparia, or mountain-ash, leaves. These macules have a strong association with tuberous sclerosis and are often multiple and present in the vast majority of individuals with the condition (up to 97% ...

Atypical fibroxanthoma

Atypical fibroxanthomas are well-circumscribed mesenchymal skin tumors that mainly manifest in the head and neck Epidemiology Atypical fibroxanthomas are rapidly growing tumors associated with excessive sun exposure, i.e. UV exposure, and usually occur in elderly patients. There is also an ass...

Skin cancer

Skin cancers refer to malignancies arising from the skin. This is a general discussion of skin cancers, for discussions of specific skin cancers please refer to individual articles. Epidemiology Overall, skin cancers are the most common human malignancy 1. Pathology Primary skin malignancy ...

Hypomyopathic dermatomyositis

Hypomyopathic dermatomyositis is a rare systemic autoimmune disorder of the skin with little to no muscle involvement. It makes up <5% of all dermatomyositis diagnoses.  Epidemiology The incidence is 2 in 1,000,000 ref and it typically affects women more than man at a 2:1 1. Clinical presenta...

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