Institutions are a way for users to keep track of their cases and even pool their cases together into a communal online case library.

Every user can have one or more institutions, and each case you upload can be marked as belonging to an institution (find out more about how to do this here). 

Unverified institutions serve only to make it easier for you to keep track of cases and to search your personal case library for specific cases. They are visible on your user profile, but nowhere else. You can, however, have your institution verified.  


Why verify your institution? 

Verified institutions have access to many unique features including:

Best of all verifying an institution is completely free.

Verify your institution


How to become a member of a verified institution

If your institution is already verified and you want to become a member, first visit your account settings page and add your institution to your profile. 

Your institution's account administrator will then need to verify that you are in fact a member, and set you to 'current' or 'previous'. 

Edit your account settings



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