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14th Sep 2020 20:24 UTC

RCR2020 Case Contest

We are thrilled to be helping the Royal College of Radiologists with its RCR2020 Digital Learning Programme. During this event, we are holding a joint prize-winning online case contest, supported by Medica. This contest will be open not only to RCR2020 delegates but, in the spirit of Radiopaedia, anyone in the whole wide world. This is our way of helping to make RCR2020 a truly global education event. 


The contest runs over three weeks, with five cases per week. The first set of five cases will be published online on Monday, September 21st 2020 at 0500 UTC, with further sets available on each of the following two Mondays. The answers and winners will be revealed on the weekend immediately following each week of cases.

Officially accredited CPD points are available for each case. 


Awaiting those who get any of the cases correct is not only immense intellectual satisfaction, fame and glory, there are lots of prizes on offer too.

Prizes for RCR delegates

Each week, one RCR2020 delegate can win access to any one-day RCR event during 2021 (including one of the days of RCR2021). The RCR2020 delegate with the best overall results across the whole contest will also have the opportunity to win a grand prize, an iPad, sponsored by Medica.

Prizes for all other participants

Each week, one non-delegate can win a Radiopaedia All-Access Pass, worth $480 (USD).

Make sure you visit the course page on Monday 21st September for the first set of cases. Good luck!


7th Sep 2020 04:24 UTC

Project MSK Glossary

Project MSK Glossary was an editorial project that ran from June-September 2020.  Palmer et al published an excellent article titled "Glossary of terms for musculoskeletal radiology" in Skeletal Radiology 1 and at the suggestion and encouragement of academic director, Dr Andrew Dixon, an editorial project was formed. The aim of this project was to ensure that Radiopaedia remains current with the latest terminology in our musculoskeletal section. 

Over 100 topics were reviewed with the following outcomes:

A fantastic international team of editors were behind this incredible effort including:

  • Dr Magdalena Chmiel-Nowak, radiologist, Poland (project lead)
  • Dr Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz, radiologist, Pakistan
  • Dr Balint Botz, radiologist, Hungary
  • Associate Professor Craig Hacking, radiologist, Australia
  • Dr Henry Knipe, radiologist, Australia
  • Dr Dai Roberts, radiologist, United Kingdom
  • Dr Edgar Lorente, radiologist, Spain
  • Dr Joachim Feger, radiologist, Germany

1. William Palmer, Laura Bancroft, Fiona Bonar, Jung-Ah Choi, Anne Cotten, James F. Griffith, Philip Robinson, Christian W.A. Pfirrmann. Glossary of terms for musculoskeletal radiology. (2020) Skeletal Radiology. 49 (1): 1. PDF

Henry Knipe on
Dr Henry Knipe is Radiopaedia's editorial director and is a general radiologist based in Melbourne, Australia. 

9th Aug 2020 22:06 UTC

Operation Zombie

Operation Zombie was an editorial project that ran from late 2019 to mid-2020. It was aimed at fixing as many "dead" links as possible. Over 2500 users tried to access content on Radiopaedia that simply was not available and we wanted to fix it.

Around 117 new articles were created. The top missing articles created include:

and there was some surprising basic content missing. For example:

An additional 79 dead links redirected to existing articles or removed (e.g. incorrect terminology, incorrect linking URL). 

A team of 14 editors contributed to this project and our thanks go to:

  • Amanda Er, radiographer, Singapore
  • Andrew Murphy, radiographer, Australia
  • Dr Balint Botz, radiologist, Hungary
  • Associate Professor Craig Hacking, radiologist, Australia
  • Dr Dan Bell, radiologist, United Kingdom
  • Dr Edgar Lorente, radiologist, Spain
  • Associate Professor Frank Gaillard, radiologist, Australia
  • Dr Rohit Sharma, medical registrar, Australia
  • Dr Joachim Feger, radiologist, Germany
  • Dr Jeremy Jones, radiologist, United Kingdom
  • Dr Magdalena Chmiel-Nowak, radiologist, Poland
  • Dr Matthew Morgan, radiologist, United States of America
  • Dr Tom Foster, radiology specialty trainee, United Kingdom
Henry Knipe on
Dr Henry Knipe is Radiopaedia's editorial director and is a general radiologist based in Melbourne, Australia. 

As part of Radiopaedia 2020 we are running a Case of the Day competition. 

Each day during our virtual conference (June 22-25) we will showcase a case and one of our editors will provide a video commentary to the case. 

Just think of how amazing it will be to have your case seen by thousands and thousands of folk from around the world! The fame! The glory!

Each selected case will receive a 12-month All-Access Pass to our full online course library. 

If you already have an All-Access Pass, then you can either extend yours by 12 months or give it to a friend or loved one; nothing says "you are my special person" like a Radiopaedia All-Access Pass, you know. 

If you've already registered for the conference, don't sweat it. Will reimburse that too. 

To make your case eligible for the radiopaedia2020 Case of the Day, simply:

  1. upload an awesome case
  2. publish the case as unlisted
  3. add the tag "radiopaedia2020" in the right-hand column of the case edit page
1. Upload your case

Submitting a case is easy, especially if you are using one of our case uploaders. If not, then you can do it the old-fashioned browser-based way. If you are not already familiar with how this works, the following learning pathway is the best way to get ready. 


2. Add the tag radiopaedia2020

Our grizzled and grumpy judges (probably Frank, a few other editors and a lot of scotch) will be going through the entries. To do that, guess what? They need to find them. Easy peasy. Just add the tag "radiopaedia2020" to your case. 


3. Publish your case as unlisted

We all like a good surprise, so don't go spoiling it by making your case public! When you are one, scroll to the bottom of the case edit page and make your case "unlisted". 

Submissions close on 8 June 2020 and the winner will be chosen in the following week. The winner will then be contacted by email, so please make sure the email listed in your profile is correct. 


If you have any questions, please write to [email protected].

Yes, it is April 1st but to tell you the truth, although we can all use a laugh, the world has enough misinformation right now. So instead of fooling you with our yearly prank case, this year we just want to let you see it and have a smile.

Our talented Matt Skalski has been busy with Photoshop and we have been crafting a silly story (as usual) to go with it. You can check out the case here.

You and I both know you probably would have fallen for it. If you want to relive the memories of years past you can see the prior eight April Fools cases here

In any case, all of us at Radiopaedia wish you all the very best during these difficult times. We’ll be here as much as we can. Keep safe and strong. 



Frank Gaillard

Founder and Editor in Chief,


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